(b. 1956)


Guillermo Muñoz Vera is an internationally acclaimed artist whose work has been the subject of many one-person exhibitions throughout Europe and, more recently, in the United States. Born in 1956 in Concepción, Chile, Muñoz Vera studied at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, at which he also taught in the Facultad de Bellas Artes.


In 1979 the artist moved to Madrid where he continues to work and live today. There, in 1994, along with Spanish artist Carmen Spínola, Muñoz Vera founded the important foundation, ARAUCO, la Fundación Arte y Autores Contemporáneos, which actively promotes multidisciplinary artistic ventures and offers cross-cultural programs to students from around the world.

A long tradition of Spanish realist painting, dating back to Diego Velázquez in the 17th century, has guided Muñoz Vera in his delicate use of light and shadows, as both his portraits and still-lifes are imbued with dexterous and subtle shading.