b. 1964, Montilla


Juan Luque was born in 1964, Montilla, Spain. In 1989 he received his Licenciado (BA & MA Spanish equivalent) at the Fine Arts University of Seville where his training instilled a classical foundation in which one learns to draw before they can paint.  That same year he was awarded the 'El Paular' Grant in painting in Segovia, Spain. Since then Juan has shown his work in many individual and group exhibitions, as well as competitions throughout Spain. Through these endeavors Juan has received much recognition, in particular being awarded twice the Honourable Medal at the XXI and XXII Editions of the "BMW Awards" in Madrid, Spain in 2006 and 2007.


Juan Luque's inspiration comes primarily from the interplay of light and atmospheres, particularly those characterized by a certain wild expansiveness.  Juan is fascinated with the textures and treatment of light, specifically how it captures in a moment the dynamic force of nature both at its most volatile and most subdued.  This has led him to explore images and environments far removed from his native Spain; Northern seas in wind whipped turmoil and uncluttered swathes of chill-tinged coastlines.  Simply put, he paints whatever he finds beautiful. 



His technique is curiously true to what inspires him, combining the tradition of his skill and the modernism of his subject matter he forms a smooth almost enameled finish which only serves to bring into high relief the energy that is being depicted.