Michele Mattei is a world renowned photographer. She has worked on numerous diverse projects including advertising campaigns, books, films and programmes. Her fine art work focuses on the intricacies of the human body. She works in this area of time and space where the human body seem to loose its specific qualities in order to become one with the universe.

Michele has contributed to major magazines internationally and has also worked as a photographer on several films. As a photojournalist, she travelled throughout the world covering stories such as civil unrest, Latin American tribes, environmental problems and women's issues.

Michele has worked on a book project documenting the men and women of Silicon Valley who have technologically helped revolutionize our lives. She has also produced a photographic series on female producers in Hollywood as well as dedicating a photographic series to the adverse effects of silicone on women's bodies. Her most recent work was a photographic series for Public Access Television on child abuse. She wrote and co-produced 'The Longest Holiday', a one-hour video programme, focusing on the Joys of Aging. She is now working on another book about women in their later years who live creative and fulfilling lives.